Frequently Asked Questions



How much does it cost? 

For information on cost, please email us at, call 214-414-2807 or fill out the contact form below


How far will you travel?

PSM On Wheels can visit anywhere in the D/FW Texas area.

What services do you provide?

Our traveling PSM On Wheels museum can visit anywhere in the D/FW area. We are excited to bring our PSM On Wheels to local elementary schools, preschools, and daycares across D/FW! We are also able to travel to local events sponsored by PTA's or community activities where children will be in attendance! We are ready to ROLL! Contact us for more specific information on your event. 

What do we need to provide for you to set up? 

A clean space to park the traveling museum along with an area in front for the outdoor activities! We are fortunate to have air conditioning and heat in our traveling Airstream® and will provide an extension cord. We just need a place to plug in! 

Do I need to supervise my children when visiting PSM On Wheels?

Just like all of our Play Street Museum locations, parents or guardians must sign a wavier before children can participate with PSM On Wheels. For our educational programs a form will go home with students for permission to play prior to PSM On Wheels visiting your campus.  When at your child's school, the teacher and/or PTA volunteers will be in charge of supervision similar to an off-campus field trip.  When we are at a special event or festival parents must stay in the play space and supervise their children at all times.

What age group is appropriate for the traveling museum?

The Educational School Day Program is designed for Kindergarten through 5th grade. The PSM On Wheels setup for fundraisers, community gatherings, and festivals is geared to children ages 2-11. However, we've discovered that adults have a blast, too! 

What type of non-school events can PSM On Wheels perform?

PTA fundraisers, grand openings, community & neighborhood events, HOA functions, private parties, festivals, wedding receptions, local races and more! What event are you planning?

What happens in the event of inclement weather during a festival, party, or community event?

In a scenario where PSM On Wheels determines prior to the event that existing or pending inclement weather could damage our equipment and exhibits we will return your deposit in full if we are not able to attend or reschedule. If we have already setup for the event and subsequently inclement weather causes us to shut down early, to protect our equipment and exhibits, we will try our best to reschedule for the remaining agreed upon hours on a date that works for both parties. This will be handled on a case by case basis.   



What educational benefit does this unique opportunity provide?

The students will take an in-depth look into different culture, arts, and STEM fields. We bring the educational and developmental benefits of Play Street Museum's physical location into your school. We will arrive on your site in a custom Airstream® filled with stimulating STEM and creative play exhibits that inspire and engage kids. Our PSM On Wheels Airstream® is geared for early childhood through 5th grade.  Our traveling PSM On Wheels museum curriculum is modified quarterly.

What does a typical day look like for the school day program?

We will arrive on site and set up outside before the school day begins. The K-1 classrooms will be rotating through the On Wheels trailer and exhibit area while 2-5th grade rotates through our Marble Run Experience.  The Marble Run Experience is typically set up in an extra classroom or library.  

What is the Marble Run Experience? Who would think problem solving could be so much fun? This program helps educate kids on the fundamentals of structural engineering and stimulates spatial thinking. The grooved hardwood blocks and passageways are combined in a variety of ways with the end result of your marbles ringing the bell to signal success. 

We are excited to travel with different curriculum every four months!  We can't wait to bring our museum to your campus! 

How many kids can you accommodate at once?

Our limit for occupancy is 30 children at a time. We have found that having the children rotate with their grade level classroom through the museum has worked wonderfully! 

What happens in the event of inclement weather during an
Educational School Day event?

If inclement weather causes us to cancel our scheduled time at your school we will reschedule our visit for a future date.

Why play?  Why the push for this to come to preschools/ elementary schools? 

Comprehensive research in the field of child development and educational psychology continues to add to the already overwhelming evidence supporting the significant developmental benefits of open and pretend play for young children.  Providing time for our students to have self-directed play stimulates their imaginations, encourages them to problem solve, and allows them to refine their socials skills, and helps them build a strong framework for a lifetime of learning!



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